Black Opal Tower Crystal
As friends come, and yes, go, from across-state moves, to falling-outs from character changes, all the way to 'good-byes' at funerals, the chapters we share are often brief, and only fully realized when our hairs have long turned Grey.

From a scientific perspective, perhaps we were just two 'drug' (if one explores the definition of drug, one sees that we are basically comprised of drugs) filled chemical structures, organic in nature, exchanging information, probably about survival, or reproduction tips, grew, and then parted ways, rinse/repeat.

However, what the wanna-be happy poet like myself chooses to believe, is that two souls, on a long journey through many different lives, have some how managed to cross paths again, help and nourish each other once more, and having realized all of this, never say goodbye, but rather, see you later.