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Tumble Apache Tears Sold in 6pcs Lot

Tumble Apache Tears Sold in 6pcs Lot

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Tumble Apache Tears

Sold in 6pcs Lot

Apache Tear is itself a variety of Obsidian. It shares this crystal’s generic qualities with other forms such as Snowflake Opsidian, Blue Obsidian, and Mahogany Obsidian, to name just three. 

Obsidian in its various forms can be a bit of a tricky stone to work with.

It’s very powerful in dispelling negativity, but it can be temperamental and has a habit of dredging up negativity before you’re actually psychically prepared to deal with it.

Apache Tears are a little gentler in this respect. This stone seems to have a more intuitive grasp of when it should do its job and when it should give you a rest!

Using Apache Tears rather than other Obsidian types, you can find that you can address negativity more calmly and constructively.

Because of their mythological origin as the tears of suffering women and children, Apache tears are a deeply empathetic stone that can help you through struggles gracefully and gently.

They are potent crystals for helping you to heal from grief.

Many black stones are very good at dispelling negativity quickly and effectively. They remove the negative vibrations and leave a space for good vibrations to enter. Apache Tears go one step further than this and actively help you heal the wounds that tragic or traumatic experiences leave behind.  

Apache tears will also help you recognize dangerous situations before they are upon you.

Much as the Apache warriors in the story recognized the defeat that they would face at the hands of the U.S. Cavalry and chose death as the preferable option, you will quickly develop a better intuitive sense of what you should put your energy into and what it may be best to leave alone.

Never be afraid to leave a job or project unfinished if this is the right thing for you to do. Apache Tears can be used in meditation or simply some quiet thinking time if you feel that what you have invested time, money, and energy in is not worth it. It can help you be discerning and quit if that is the most beneficial course of action.