About Us

About us:

Magic Gel Candles& Gemstones is a North Haven, CT, based business, dealing in gel candles and gemstones since 2000. We were a retail store till 2008 when due to Great Recession we were forced to close down our showroom. Now we’re back with our online store, to spread positivity, love and solace in your life.

We deal in ecofriendly, no smoke gel candles, put together with fascinating gemstones. The gel we use is made up of 95% mineral and 5% polymer resin which enables it to burn twice as long as a paraffin wax candle of the same size. Our rocks and crystals react defiantly when mixed with gel. We believe everyone should be able to heal from the power and magic of gemstones and enjoy our mesmerizingly scented gel-candles. This is why our products are in reasonable and fair prices, affordable for all. Whether you’re looking for a present for a loved one or feel like giving yourself a treat, Magic Gel Candles & Gems is here with the perfect products.



About John:

John is an aerospace quality engineer, and has been manufacturing jet engines since 30 years. Ever since a kid, he has been an avid “rock hound”, obsessed with gems and crystals. Recently, due to the global COVID’19 pandemic, he was laid off from his manufacturing business.