Frequently Asked Questions.

Gel Candle Facts

Are gel candles safe?
They can be very safe when used responsibly, in fact more accidents and fires are reported using paraffin wax candles

Are your wicks made of lead?
No. Our wicks are safe for our candles using Zinc.

What are gel candles made of'?
Our gel candles are made with a unique patented gel which consists of white mineral oil and about 2% copolymer resin.

Can gel candles explode?
Irresponsible candle makers (mostly foreign) have flooded the shelves at dollar stores and discount retailers with poor quality gel candles made in unsafe containers which can cause them to break, aka 'explosions'. Even paraffin wax candles can cause this.

Are your gel candles made in USA?
Yes. All of our candles are made in North Haven, CT. USA .

Do gel candles burn longer?
Yes, gel candles are made with white mineral oil and burn up to fives times longer than paraffin wax and soy making them the longest burn candle medium.

Can you really smell the gel candle scent while burning?
Yes. Every nose is different and each scented candle varies in strength for each individual.