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Calcite Blue Eggs

Calcite Blue Eggs

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Blue Calcite Eggs

Blue Calcite is just one of many stones that come from the calcite family. It is actually calcium carbonate that can be found in a variety of different colors. The name itself is derived from the German word for limestone “calcit”. For anyone interested in boosting their creativity and expanding their psychic gifts, blue calcite can be a superb stone for your collection. It can also operate as a healing crystal, typically used to help ease pain and inflammation in the bones and joints. They also know it to have several other excellent healing properties. In this article we will discuss the benefits, properties and meanings of using blue calcite.

To truly understand the various uses of and the meanings of this extraordinary stone, you need to first appreciate that this crystal because of its blue color is most closely associated with your throat and a Third eye chakras.

With the healing properties of blue calcite, we mostly associate it with the stimulation of your metabolism and the strengthening of your immune system. Further, it is known to be capable of bringing stability to irregular heart rhythms and reducing blood pressure.

Expert practitioners understand the benefits of using blue calcite to help treat different physical pains and ailments. It’s also known to help soothe anxiety and reduce stress in people suffering from a variety of many nervous disorders.

By actively encouraging your mind and body to relax blue calcite stimulates your need to rest. When treating any type of trauma rest is essential part of the healing process and using blue calcite can even operate as a natural remedy. 

They also know blue Calcite to have many metaphysical properties like many other stones and crystals it can help home your association with your natural energy flow and bring any pain stress or resentment to the forefront allowing you to healthily address and deal with it. Bringing clarity to the fact that these resentments are the root of a larger problem. I recognize the fact that nobody is going to be 100% at ease or harmonious the trick to using blue calcite is that it helps you deal with these resentments pleasantly. Providing a calming energy to your aura blue calcite helps you smooth over the rough parts of any relationship. Allowing you to see past the inopportune moments and avoid being caught up in them, as a result, creates an environment in which long-lasting and loving relationships can thrive.

The blue calcite because of its place in the calcite family is a powerful cleanser and amplifier of energies. It can cleanse your environment of negative energy and promote the formation of prismatic energy, which can activate and clear all of your chakras.

blue calcite is a deeply spiritual stone that can facilitate the access to your higher conscience and unlock side capabilities. It can only walk your mind and help you understand deeper, soulful experiences. By forming deep connections between your intellect and your emotions, this stone can prove very helpful for anyone studying the sciences or arts. It brings calm to your mind boost memory stimulates insights and encourages discernment. it’s also closely associated to the inner functioning of your spleen pancreas and kidneys and can cleanse and improve their overall functions. Is your suffering from classification of your bones blue cow size can help your body assimilate calcium and return natural strength to both your joints and other parts of your skeleton. It’s also known to ease issues regarding tissue healing, blood clotting, skin conditions, and intestinal problems.

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