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Crystal Beginners Kit

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Crystal Beginners Kit

This is the kit every beginner will want to start their Crystal Journey.

Each kit contains the following:

  • Selenite Tower or selenite skyscraper, is a powerful crystal and energy tool to have in your home, office and sacred space as it has the ability to clear, shield and protect the energy of your space. It quickly unblocks negative, stuck or stagnant energy to promote an environment of free flowing, positive energy.
  • Black Tourmaline has long been a stone of personal protection. When combined with Clear Quartz, which amplifies energies focused through it, this gemstone combination becomes a powerful ally in dispelling negative energy.
  • Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. ... Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities. It aids concentration and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.
  • Amethyst Quartz this potent and pretty stone is sure to sweep everyone off their feet and leave all those who wear her gorgeously grounded at the same time. Said to be the bridge that connects the concrete with the divine - the meaning of Amethyst has long been synonymous with spirituality and is famed for its close association with both the third eye and the crown chakra.
  • Tiger's Eye is a crystal with beautiful bands of yellow-golden color throughout. This is a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions.
  • Beautiful Engraved wooden Box to keep your Crystal Kit together and take with you.

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