Dream Amethyst Pentacle Pendent

Dream Amethyst Pentacle Pendent

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Dream Amethyst Hand Wire Wrapped Pentacle Pendent

This gorgeous Hand Wire Wrapped Pendent features a Five Pointed Star Pentacle consisting of Dream Amethyst Crystal, Enclosed in the hand wrapped Pentacle. It measures at approx. 2 inches in height and 1.0 inches in width.  The pentacle is an ancient symbol that has been around for thousands of years. It has been used by various religions and belief groups and over time has acquired a lot of different symbolism. Pagan in ancient times, the pentacle was seen as symbolizing the five elements of earth, air, fire, spirit and water. The circle surrounding the five-pointed star symbolized these elements working in unity together. It represents balance and harmony. 

The pentacle was a popular symbol of early Christianity, used in Christian architecture, paintings, jewelry and artwork. It was used as an amulet to protect a person from evil. The pentagon represented Jesus, with the five points standing for the five wounds of Jesus during his crucifixion. The pentacle has associations with Taoism as well, a Chinese philosophical approach to life. Here, the five points represent the five elements of the East – wood, earth, water, fire and metal. The pentacle is the most well-known symbol of the neo-pagan religion called Wicca.

The pentacle is a great example of how someone’s made up beliefs can affect how society views something.

In 1855, a French man by the pseudonym of Eliphas Levi, wrote a book about magic that referenced the pentacle. Levi, who was a deacon in the church, had been interested in magic all his life but when the church found out, he was excommunicated.

Levi said that an inverted pentacle (with two points pointing upwards) is a symbol of evil, the first time that the pentacle was connected to evil.