Moonstone Blue Spheres

Moonstone Blue Spheres

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Blue Moonstone Spheres

2" Dia.

This stone is a very sensual, feminine, and nourishing stone that has the ability to heal what pains you and bring you back to wellness and wholeness.

It’s a stone that carries deep healing and sacred feminine energies.

It has high energy rays of blue colors and is always shimmering in powerful white energy, making it a very protective stone. 

It will bring healing, calming, and soothing energy that will help you regain your personal power and inner balance.

When you use Moonstone on a regular basis, you will start to receive insights on how you are misusing your personal energies, and this will give you the wisdom to love yourself more and begin the process of healing.

It will make you better understand the powerful mysteries of your true female power and the essence of all healing. Blue moonstone will infuse you with soothing calm and quiet confidence that will help you gather your powers back.

The clearer your Blue Moonstone and the more colorful its glow is, the more potent its healing property is.

It’s quite an abundant stone, so you should not worry about its availability or price.

The white crystal energies that all Moonstones possess resonate with your crown chakra and your spiritual center.

They symbolize your personal identification with the Infinite, your oneness with God, and your desire for peace and wisdom.

Blue Moonstone will cleanse and dispel the negativities in your chakras and provide you the support that you need to overcome your obstacles.

It will help you in balancing your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.

It will also provide you with the spiritual nourishment that you need to assist you with all the changes.  

Blue Moonstone can ease the symptoms of pregnancy and help the body prepare for childbirth.

It also has the ability to balance your hormones and address fluid retention.

Blue Moonstone can also act as a growth stone for young children and teenagers, and it can slow down the process of aging for the elderly.

It can ease the degenerative conditions of your eyes, skin, and hair, as well as the fleshy body organs.

This stone can be used in the treatment of insomnia and in promoting lucid dreams.

When used as a professional support stone, Moonstone will help you excel in your chosen field and add more heart to what you’re doing.

It will aid you in expressing yourself and in being confident in front of a lot of people. It will show you how you can communicate effectively and create more impact.

Moonstone will attract good vibrations that will increase your level of abundance and prosperity.

Moonstone metaphysical properties are often connected to hidden knowledge or of using the power of the mind to explore the unknown.

Because of this, Blue Moonstone often can be used to help you find the strategies for success and making money that often go unseen by other people.

If you have felt blown away by the competition in your field of expertise, this stone can illuminate the way to some blue sky thinking, as the saying goes – fresh new ideas that make you stand out as an innovator!

It’s a stone that will continue to surround you with uplifting energies so that you will continue working hard for your dreams and aspirations!

Blue Moonstone will open your heart to your nurturing qualities, and it will inspire you to accept more love in your heart. Blue Moonstone’s soothing and calming qualities will work wonders for your emotional body.


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This blue moon sphere is an absolute beauty. The color and nurturing energy from it is beautiful. A wonderful addition to my other moon stones.