Terahertz Mini Skulls

Terahertz Mini Skulls

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Terahertz Mini Skulls

1.1" Tall x 1.6 Long x 1" Wide

Terahertz(THZ) is an artificial man-made gemstone first discovered by Japanese scientists with meaning and properties to enhance inner body energy.

Terahertz stone is made up of silicon and produces a high oscillation frequency and has thermal conductivity. 

Terahertz stones are said to emit infrared and negative ion energy also known as Terahertz Radiation, which regulates body energy flow.  Thus it is helpful for meditation and breathing exercises.

A Terahertz gemstone is a powerful stone with the ability to protect the human body from electromagnetic smog and other harmful radiation. 

It is a rare stone and difficult to find in the market, making it more expensive than other widely available stones. 

It is renowned for its extraordinary power to positively regulate the energy flow in the human body by emitting powerful healing energy that reduces stress and fatigue due to hectic work schedules. 

Terahertz radiation is very powerful and healing in nature.